With the most sophisticated plug-in system for fastening cables and pipes, we at Schnabl are the technology leader and the standard for forward-thinking electricians worldwide — made in Austria — by Miraplast.


We are driven to make the installer’s working life easier, and our focus is on the greatest possible customer benefit: With our products, electricians save up to 60% of their working time.


Our latest product set great challenges in development. Secure hold for up to 35 sheathed cables, quick mounting with the help of shooting devices or simply screwing onto wood or metal, and always easy to open.

In close cooperation with Miraplast’s design engineers, many ideas were discussed, drawn, and rejected again. The end result is a product that fulfills all the required functions and is also economical to produce.

Together we managed to get from the idea to the finished product in only 9 months. This is certainly the best performance for such a project.

Schnabl has relied on Miraplast for almost 40 years and will continue to do so in the future.