As a long-time supplier of stable bedding, Gerhard Grabner knows the horse industry like the back of his hand. Early in the bedding business, he realized that the hygienic conditions in most horse stables are not exactly conducive to animal health. Horses with respiratory problems really suffer from the acrid ammonia odor caused by the evaporation of horse urine in the stalls. Grabner set about developing a new type of stable floor that drains the urine from the horse stall — as soon as the horse exudes. The resourceful entrepreneur relied on Miratech’s expertise for the development and series transfer of these innovative horse-stable-floor elements. Gerhard Grabner: “Thanks to the years of experience and tireless efforts of Markus Brunnthaler and his team, we have succeeded in creating a very stable and extremely durable construction for our floor elements. I am incredibly grateful for this excellent cooperation with Miratech.”