Active Wearables is a HealthTech start-up from Vienna specializing in the development, production, and distribution of wearables that have an active effect on the body. Our Pocket Sky mobile light therapy glasses are redefining the market of light therapy devices. The hormone melatonin controls our body’s sleep-wake cycle. The blue light from sunlight — absorbed through our eyes — stops the formation of melatonin. Pocket Sky uses this activating light when there is not enough natural sunlight to relieve chronic fatigue and moodiness in winter, or disturbances of the sleep-wake cycle, for example due to jet lag or shift and night work. Pocket Sky is ultra-compact, so it can be used anytime, anywhere. This allows light therapy to be seamlessly integrated into everyday life for the first time, opening up new therapeutic possibilities and optimizing effects.
The series transition of the Pocket Sky light therapy glasses was a tour de force due to the radical miniaturization of the product and MiraTech played a significant and instrumental role in its successful development. Without the courage, competence, and perseverance of MiraTech, it would have never been realized.
When working with MiraTech, you get the feeling they have been partnering effectively and boldly for generations. The realization of challenging product innovations requires such a mindset. Active Wearables would like to thank Markus Brunnthaler, Mr. Brunnthaler Senior, and the whole MiraTech team!

An interview including Youtube video can be found here hier!